About us

We are Nicole and Vivian, a two-women team based in Evanston, IL, where we live and raise our families. We were inspired to start Workshoppe by our belief that design is a collaboration – a process to enrich the spaces where you live your life every day. 

We grew up in different parts of the world, and both spent most of our lives traveling. Our histories and diversity combined create a duality within us – we are globetrotters and adventures – and we are wives and mothers. The duality of our lives and networks gives us a boundless global perspective. It allows us to see the soul within the objects that have become a part of our stories. 

We find inspiration in the cultural artistry we see during our travels –  in the juxtaposition between grit and grace, refinery and raw edges, curated and spontaneous. This inspiration, drawn from our histories and love of travel, ignited our passion for collecting beautiful, unique objects to fill our homes. 

We’re passionate about building relationships with local and international artists, highlighting their stories, and bringing their pieces into your home. We’ve spent hours in the markets of Senegal with the artists who weave the fabrics for our pillows and table runners and the woodcarvers who craft our bowls, plates, and spoons. We love telling the stories behind our ceramics from Portugal, where all the pottery is thrown on one family’s pottery wheel or the decorative sweetgrass baskets from Rwanda. We source hand-made candles from a local women-owned business in Chicago and collaborate with a paper sculpturist in Michigan. 

We’re reclaiming the definition of luxury – reframing old ideas by highlighting a diverse global network of artists and craftsmen. We invite you to see the soul within the beauty of our pieces – how the nuances, the balance, and the life within each item can enrich your space and become a part of your story.