Tamegroute Candle Holder


These stunning ceramic candlesticks will add a pop of color to any room.

Tamegroute pottery is made completely by hand in the traditional Moroccan way without any modern technology. The clay is from riverbed which contains small grains of rock, sand and copper altering the color and texture. The signature green glaze is different on every piece as it runs freely across the pottery after being dipped into the liquid. The finished look is a beautiful imperfect piece of art. The firing process is key to the multi-shade green color that has yet to be replicated elsewhere. 

Dimension: Xsmall 4" h 2 1/2 w, Small 6' h 3"w, Medium 8" h 3" w, Large 11'h 4"w

*These pieces are hand made and may have imperfections in texture, color, and size including cracks and chipping that are part of the beauty of Tamegroute pottery. The piece you purchase may not look exactly like the image shown.