Horn Bowl


Our horned bowl is the perfect addition for any party. These can be used for small bites, sides or bowls on your charcuterie board. Even for jewelry on a night stand, or keys on a console table!

They are made from natural discarded and recycled Ankole horn and crafted by Ugandan Artisans.


Small 3"approximately

Medium 4.5" approximately

Large 6" approximately

**Because of the nature of this product, each piece will come with size and color variations.

+ Handmade in Uganda.
+ Each piece is cut, carved, and sanded by hand.

They are durable food-safe Ankole horns, ethically and locally sourced as a food by-product (the animal was not killed for the creation of the product). Each piece is meticulously sanded, polished, and then sealed with a waterproof lacquer.  Should be hand washed.