Scented Soy Wax Bar


LH Candle Studio is a small batch candle studio based in Houston, TX with a mission to magnify the beauty of home fragrance.

Set of 2 wax bars.

Too beautiful to be hidden, we love putting these in closets, drawers, or on doorknobs to give our homes a subtle but long-lasting scent.

Orange Cedarwood has rich warm notes of spicy incense with cedarwood, clove, and bergamot. With an added hint of orange, lime, and lemon complete this exotic fragrance.

Pine and sage is earthy and green providing a calling and clean aroma.

Rose is like a bouquet of freshly cut roses! It combines damask rose buds and white musks, with hints of bergamont, cassis and geranium. 

* Please be advised that the product should be kept in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight and contact with a wall, furniture and clothing in order to preserve its quality. Please do not leave it in the car. Products are handmade and may have minor imperfections.

The bar is made with American grown 100% soy wax. The fragrances we utilize are phthalate-free. Handmade and decorated in Houston, TX