Hawa Pillow


This decorative pillow is sewn in Senegal and the cloth is sourced from Cote D'ivoire. The back of the pillow is made of linen. The authentic texture and simple geometric pattern makes for a great accent piece.

Baule cloth originated from Cote D'Ivoire. These textiles are created from narrow cotton bands woven on horizontal foot-treadle looms. In West Africa, Baule cloth are referred to as Pagne and Wrapper. The technique of dyeing this cloth is call Ikat; the thread is first dyed then woven into strips. These strips are then stitched together. The imperfection of the weave, and stitch are a natural characteristic of Baule fabrics and serve to enhance the uniqueness and charm of each handmade pattern. 

22" by 22" 

Inserts sold separately

Spot clean with a mild water-free solvent or dry clean only.