Ankole Horn Serving Spoon


This serving spoon has simple and clean lines. It is perfect for so many things maybe even on a charcuterie board. Either way, it will make a beautiful presentation. Ethically sourced cow horns were used to craft these beautiful spoons.

DIMENSIONS:  About 8" inches long with a 3" scoop, the handle is 1" wide by 3" long.  Because of the nature of this product, each piece will come with size and color variations.

DETAILS:  + Handmade in Uganda. + Each piece is cut, carved, and sanded by hand.  + Every spoon is unique and color variations are expected due to the organic nature of the materials used.   They are durable food-safe Ankole horns, ethically and locally sourced as a food by-product (the animal was not killed for the creation of the product).