Soap Cherie Herbal Bath


This vegan, handmade, cruelty and paraben-free bath blend is crafted by two Brooklyn moms.

Fitness-Crafted for an invigorating post-workout recovery bath, this blend features botanical herbs and Eucalyptus essential oils that soak into sore muscles and ease away aches. 

Ingredients- Peppermint leaf, Bay Leaf, Juniper berry, Calendula, Sage, Butterfly Pea, and Eucalyptus essential oil

RevitalizeCrafted to encourage mental calmness and clarity, this revitalizing bath blend provides skin nourishment and purification in a calming bouquet of florals and rosemary essential oil.

Ingredients- Rosemary leaf, Peppermint leaf, Calendula, Sage leaf, Butterfly Pea, Cornflower, Rosemary Essential Oil.

Tips to use:  Fill up the muslin bag with an herbal mixture and run it under the faucet letting the water run through it. Sit, relax and detoxify for about 20 minutes. Feel free to scrub your body with the bag