Soap Cherie Facial Steam


A luxurious formula designed to purify skin and cleanse pores. This facial steam features a vibrant blend of soothing botanicals, which promotes hydration and leaves you with healthy radiant skin. 

The vegan, handmade, cruelty and paraben-free facial steam is crafted by two Brooklyn moms and features these ingredients: lavender, rose buds, cornflower, hibiscus, jasmine, calendula, safflower, rose hip, and bergamot essential oil.

Tips for use: Add 2 tbsp of herbs to a bowl of steaming water. Tie hair back, cover head with a towel in a tent form and allow your head to rest a few inches above the steam mixture for 5-7 minutes. Breathe deeply and allow impurities to melt away. Can use floral water to mix with a clay mask.