Culti Diffuser - Aramara


A summer’s day, the sun on your skin, happy thoughts. A unique olfactory experience that evokes the bright colors and contrasts of the Mediterranean. Bitter orange blends with bergamot and cardamom and floats on the air with the spiritual touch of sandalwood. Housed in thick sculpted, square-shaped bottles of dark clear glass with a maple wood cap, the bold distinct features of the CULTI DECOR line add a touch of character to any room.

CULTI MILANO was the first company to develop perfume diffusion through rattan sticks in 1990 and since then has become an icon in the home fragrance industry known for their high quality ingredients and elegant, modern and innovative designs.

  • Made in Italy
  •  250 ml


  • Woody olfactory notes: Bitter orange, bergamot, sandalwood.